Ultra Shape V.3 Testimonials

UltraShape Testimonials

“UltraShape has given me another opportunity to show off my body. The extra fat that I have gained on my lower abdomen, throughout my pregnancy was easily reduced with the help of this new technology. I love this treatment, as I am not a big fan of surgery, needles and anesthesia.”
By Trish Hornby, Cambridge.

“My thigh areas have always been my problem. I always try to go to the gym and do specific exercise for my thighs but never get the results that I want. But then I learned about your new technology of body contouring and fat reduction. I am pleased with the outcome of this “walk in, walk out” treatment. I can definitely see my figure back again and giving me hope to continue leading a healthy lifestyle. Once again, thank you Dr. Latif and to your wonderful staff for the great experience!” By Viki T. , Milton.