Sweating Testimonials

Excessive Sweating Testimonials

“I never thought that there was a solution for my excessive sweating. I have suffered from this embarrassing problem of mine for many years until I met Dr. Latif who helped me gain back my confidence. Now I don’t have to worry about what to wear and what other people think about my problem.” By Jessica Dixon, Mississauga.

“To Dr. Latif, I am very thankful for introducing me to this treatment. I am very grateful for the help and the solution you have provided me with, as I have been suffering with excessive sweating on my palms for many many years. The results were amazing, I don’t feel that sweaty feeling on my palms anymore. I am very very happy and satisfied with the results. I will definitely recommend this treatment to people out there who have the same problem.” By Lillias Fitz , Brampton.