Notification for Patients

Kindly inform ahead of time if you need to discuss or address more than one health concern so that subsequent patients’ appointments must not be delayed.

Please inform us if WSIB visit before booking for any injury/health problem starting at work.

Patients will be billed for missed appointments. At least 24 hour notice is required prior to any cancellations. An e-mail message will be appreciated to improve communication.

Travel consults should be booked few weeks before travel to enable better prevention. Kindly inform the destination while booking the visit.

Any hospitalization needs to be notified for updating your medical records and ongoing health care. Patients are requested to bring all medications and children immunization record to each visit.

Try to keep all your prescriptions with one pharmacy.
Please immediately notify us in case of a reaction to any medicine.
Book your follow-up appointment when you are on your last repeat to avoid running out of medication.
Phone or fax by pharmacy requests for prescription renewals will be refused.

Test results are not discussed on phone and receptionists are not allowed to communicate this information. You need to discuss directly with the physician. Due to confidentiality reasons any details of your health can not be released without your prior consent to anyone (except for that required by law).

OHIP card has to be presented at each office visit. Patients with a non valid health card will be billed, and may seek reimbursement if coverage is still in effect. Patients covered by out-of province/out-of-country health plans will be charged at OHIP.

Physician-patient relationship disagreements need to be discussed with the respective physician before moving records. Ongoing care will be provided for the following month after such notification of ending the relationship.

Following are some of the UNINSURED services and patients will be charged at the time of service:

Travel consult
Missed Appointments
Drivers Medical Exam
Camp Physicals
Sick Notes/Employee Sick Forms
Fitness certificates & Forms
Insurance/Disability Forms
Legal Letters
Copy of records / tests
Telephone Prescriptions
Telephone Advice
Long Distance Calls
Transfer of Records
Newborn Circumcisions

Call THAS ( Telehealth service) for after hour service, and your call can be directed to a physician on call for Milton Patients.

Tel: 1-866-797-0000